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About Brazil

Brazil is predominantly a night culture--for instance, banks do not open for business until 10 AM, and many restaurants only start filling up around 9 PM for dinner. Brazilians are a very easy going people and are much more community oriented than individualistic. The public sphere of conversation topics among Brazilians is much larger than North Americans are comfortable with. We North Americans aren't as open during normal conversation as a Brazilian would be. Not much information remains private here, and comments which might seem critical or "off-limits" in a North American context are commonplace. This takes getting used to for the first-time visitor to Brazil.

The culture here is predominantly collective and relational, yet there is room for individualism. This mix of apparently contradictory cultural values brings an interesting facet to ministry in Brazil.

Unlike North America, soccer (futebol) is the one sport that unites the nation. If the national team is playing, everything stops... And, like most people around the world, everyone has their own reason for why the team doesn't win--but when they do win, the nation erupts with firecrackers and celebrations throughout the night.

Though 90% of Brazilians will identify themselves as Christians, Brazil is a spiritually open country, for good and for ill, and is probably more Spiritist than Catholic in underlying worldview. The Church is growing here, but there are many unreached people that have not had the opportunity to hear the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement is to send out long term, healthy Brazilian missionaries to less reached peoples by partnering with healthy sending churches through discipling leaders and potential missionaries.

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