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An Unarmed Heart

Arriving at Oasis Ministry, I had no hope. However, I resolved to be me: Jonas. I did not take any books (the symbol of intellectualism, behind which I had hidden for many years), nor my notebook (symbol of my isolation because I would bury myself in it writing and typing) and not even social attire (symbol of my personal and theological conservativism). I took only Bermudas and flip flops (and these “blew out” and I had to buy others). As a result, I arrived unarmed.

Developing Relationships

We (Ben and Becky Bacheller) have started to develop some friendships with other families here. One example is the family of Érico and Nádia, and their three year old daughter, Érica, that we had over for dinner the other night.

Near Divorce Becomes an Instrument of Grace

Pr. Cloi and Raquel had been married for over 25 years. He was a nationally known pastor and missions speaker, and had traveled extensively throughout Brazil mobilizing young men and women to give their lives to world missions. He was and is considered a prophetic voice in the Brazilian church. His wife, gifted in administration and pastoral care, began a teaching career in a local Christian high school. She also is a gifted poet and speaker, with an affinity for the fine arts. They both were finding success in ministry. But successful ministry led to marital failure, and they came to Oasis 6 months into a physical and legal separation, 6 months lacking for the legal divorce to take effect. They expressed little hope for reconciliation, and great difficulty in conversing with each other.

Investing in Young Teens

Dave and Miriam have had a steady stream of children and teens in their home for discipleship, to jump on their trampoline, or just to hang out.

Intentional Church Planting

Dave and Miriam Kanagy have worked in Brazil since 1991. They moved to Catalão, Brazil in January, 2008 to plant a church in partnership with the Brazilian church. Here are some of the intentional strategies they used to grow a brand new church in the neighborhood called “Bela Vista.”

Christ Changes Everything…

Dressed in black, tall, and thin, in her teen years, Maria Amelia looked at Dave and said, “I’m here to sign up for the art class.” She did not smile. She was standing at our gate.

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